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Crisana si
Tara Mosilor
Saxon Land
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and Banat

Transylvania is located, from the politic, historic and geographic point of view, in the Central-Eastern European area, on the eastern side of the Transylvanian Depression, within the area of today's Romania.

Nowadays, contemporary Transylvania is understood as the whole northwest area of Romania, comprised of 16 counties. This area embraces the Transylvanian Plateau, Crişana and The Stone Land, South Transylvania and Banat, Szeklerland, Saxon Land, and Maramureş.

With this distribution by nationality and religion, it is obvious that the today's Transylvania is a multicultural region of Europe. This is not a surprise, because the Central European influences meet here those coming from the Balkans. But, from the ecclesiastic point of view, the dominant religions are Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.


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